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Using The '3-Step Referral Methodology' To Turn Networking Contacts Into Job Referrals

13 May 2020 14:00 - 15:00

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC - 05:00)

Quantitative and qualitative analyses in peer-reviewed publications like the Academy of Management show that networking is the key to success in industry with those who accel at networking and getting job referrals through networking getting into senior level versus junior level positions up to 40% more often than those who do not network. Further, job candidates who network throughout their career end up with salaries up to 30% more than their non-networking counterparts. The problem is that networking is such a broad term and is rarely defined into actionable, let alone scientific steps. Int this webinar, you will be presented with a 3-step networking and job referral methodology known as the "Straight Lined Referral Method" which has been shown to result in statistically significant increases in job referrals for top technical careers, with referrals defined as getting a contact to agree to have their name listed as a referral in a cover letter, having said contact agree to pass along a resume to the hiring manager or other decision maker, and the contact introducing the job candidate directly to a decision maker or other senior employee at the company.

Isaiah Hankel, PhD is the Founder & CEO of Cheeky Scientist, which has over 3 million PhD annual readers worldwide and over 15,000 members of it's advanced career training programs. Isaiah has helped thousands of PhDs in over 100+ countries transition into cutting-edge, industry career tracks and has worked with numerous industry leaders, including Amazon, Apple, Corning, JML Optical, Coherent, Intel, Dow Chemical, Roche, Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, and Genentech. He is the author of the business bestsellers, "Black Hole Focus", which went to #1 internationally and, ‘The Science of Intelligent Achievement’; both published by Wiley.

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