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Optica Quantum Industry Summit at LIGENTEC

14 - 15 November, 2023

Lausanne, Switzerland

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Optica Quantum Industry Summit - The Premier Annual Event for Leaders in Quantum

The Optica Quantum Industry Summit is returning for a second round! This year’s quantum summit will focus on developing photonics technologies (laser, optics, PICs, detectors, equipment), quantum computing, system integration, memory storage, cryptography, metrology, and information transmission. This Summit aims to bring together quantum companies and their potential supply chain partners to address the needs of the industry and the significant challenges ahead. The event will be hosted at LIGENTEC’s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. We look forward to connecting!

So that both attendees and speakers can speak freely and interact in-person, we will not be recording or offering an online participation.

Sponsors of this initiative will get extra benefits. Interested in sponsoring? Please contact

Supported by:

Swiss Photonics

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APEX Technologies

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