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Optica Photonic-Enabled Cloud Computing (PECC) Industry Summit at Juniper Networks

Join this exclusive opportunity to have joint conversations with multiple joint suppliers at the same time to shape the future of interconnects.

Session 1: Hyperscalers and System Company Perspectives

Industry leaders will discuss the future of data centers and cloud infrastructure, focusing on the evolving dynamics between hyperscale giants and their critical technology suppliers. In particular, the influence of mainstream AI on cloud computing will be discussed, and how photonic solutions are being deployed to address these new applications.

Session 2: System Implementations

The session will showcase innovative solutions that system companies provide for meeting hyperscalers' demand for efficiency and scale, highlighting the pivotal roles these companies will play in shaping the digital ecosystem's future.

Session 3: Foundry-Level Solutions

This session explores the offerings and advancements in photonics manufacturing, particularly how foundries facilitate the production of photonic components and integrated circuits for optical communication. What are the directions, standards, and implementations for the design and manufacturing of PICs?

Session 4: AI-inspired Solutions

This session focuses on optical engines empowering AI computations and their demand on 800G communications. What are the approaches, promises, and challenges ahead?

Session 5 - Materials and Components to Advance Optical Technologies

Novel materials and components that are enabling the data communications of the future are discussed in this session. This session provides views of advancements made by leading component companies enabling new optical engines, interconnects, and more efficient systems and optical networks.


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