Eric Mazur
Eric Mazur, Chair
Harvard University
Alexander Sawchuk
Alexander Sawchuk, Past Chair
University of Southern California
George Bayz
George Bayz, Treasurer
Oakshire Partners
Magnus Bengtsson
Magnus Bengtsson, Director
Coherent Inc.
Connie Chang-Hasnain
Connie Chang-Hasnain, Optica President
University of California, Berkeley
Stephen Fantone
Stephen Fantone, Optica Past President
Optikos Corp.
Eve Griliches
Eve Griliches, Director
Antigone Marino
Antigone Marino, Director
Institute of Applied Science & Intelligent Systems (CNR)
Rick Plympton
Rick Plympton, Director
Optimax Systems Inc.
Elizabeth Rogan
Elizabeth Rogan
Optica Chief Executive Officer
Linda Smith
Linda Smith, President
CERES Technology Advisors