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Honoring Ursula J. Gibson

Submitted by Zahra Ghadyani

Professor Ursula Gibson has been one of my main role models that had a big influence in my professional life. She has not been just a great professor with brilliant research work but she lived a life in whole of its aspects with her students. After my PhD, I applied for a postdoctoral position at NTNU. I had a great interest on Ursula’s research work and was hoping this position would give me the opportunity to work in her research group. The unclear application process ended up me working in another research group but I still got some collaboration opportunities with Ursula during my postdoctoral position. I became a mom at the end of postdoctoral position that coincided with oil and job crisis in Norway. It was easy to be trapped in depression in such situation and I decided to ask to do an internship in Ursula’s group. Ursula welcomed me with full understanding and I got the opportunity to work in her research group and labs. I was fascinated by silicon core fibre research and inspired by the lab atmosphere so I approached her with the idea of commercialising her research idea and she responded positively. This began my entrepreneurship journey with invaluable experience within commercialisation, all made possible with great support from Ursula.

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