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Victor Ochoa-Gutierrez
Victor Ochoa-Gutierrez
University of Glasgow, UK

Victor is a scientist committed to making positive change using optics and photonics at the University of Glasgow, As an early-career researcher, he is dedicated to contributing and promoting a mind-set change in academia and industry towards inclusivity in research. The Pivoting Fellowship will enable him to use his research skills and entrepreneur-style focus to look for new optical solutions for healthcare monitoring—specifically pulse oximetry. You can learn more about his fellowship project soon at

Victor Ochoa-Gutierrez, University of Glasgow, UK, was chosen by the Pivoting Fellowship Committee as the 2022 recipient to support his transition from research to business and for his dedication to making oximetry more accessible to diverse populations.

The Milton and Rosalind Chang Pivoting Fellowship provides US$50,000 of unrestricted funding to talented, early-career optical scientists and engineers who believe their expertise can improve society outside of the lab. We encourage those with vision and exceptional talent to apply and pursue a newfound passion. Learn more and how to apply at

Updated 20 December 2022

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