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Optical technologies have contributed to significant advances in the medical arena. Ultra-high resolution images of the brain, eye, and vascular system have significantly advanced our understanding of the operation and function of these systems. Therapeutic lasers techniques improved the vision of millions of people. Advances in microscopy, spectroscopy and nanotechnology continue to enable us to reach new possibilities for in situ diagnostics. Many challenges face society calling for new, innovative and affordable technology solutions. We are soliciting proposals that will continue to improve the tools the medical community can bring to bear to meet current and future challenges. 


Proposals of interest could include but are not limited to:
  1. Innovations in advanced photonic biosensors to detect and classify disease and to monitor and assess therapy responses.
  2. Developing smart healthcare diagnostics technologies such as enhanced pathology technology using Raman, fluorescence, multi-spectral imaging, AI, etc.
  3. Use long-distance light field screen to prevent and control myopia.
  4. Advancing biomedical imaging further to enable precision medicine, drug delivery and surgery.
  5. Leveraging light to improve pain relief, inflammation, immune system functioning, nerve regeneration, and/or acute and chronic wound healing.
  6. Conducting light-based research to search for new biomarkers and developing promising treatments.
  7. Innovations that save lives through diagnostics, prevention and disease awareness; innovations that make health care affordable to 3rd world countries.
  8. Enhancing point-of-care photonic devices and lab on a chip for rapid diagnostics.
  9. Leveraging ultra-high sensitivity quantum electrical and magnetic sensors to probe mammal physiology, mainly as applied to the brain.
  10. Using nanoparticles coupled with precise imaging and light sources to enable optically guided cancer surgery.
  11. Development of multi-functional catheters for disease diagnostics and treatment.
  12. New Therapeutic Laser Applications.
  13. Increasing the availability of optics-based treatments for common diseases and new optics-based treatments for diseases without cures and treatment options.
  14. Other proposals exploring innovative, groundbreaking research or technology developments are welcome and encouraged. 
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