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How To Prepare For & Execute In-Person Interviews As Offices Around The World Start To Open Up Again

27 May 2020 14:00 - 15:00

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC - 05:00)

Over the summer, many companies are opening their doors for in-person interviews again. Will you be prepared to meet their new expectations for in person interviews now that we are in a recession? This webinar will train you on how to prepare for a site visit, including what emails to send to whom and what to ask in said emails, how to show up and engage with reception correctly, how to perfectly execute the sit down with the hiring manager, HR, your direct supervisor, those in cross-functional roles, and more. You'll also learn how to prepare for and behave during the site visit lunch and evening reception.

Isaiah Hankel, PhD is the Founder & CEO of Cheeky Scientist, which has over 3 million PhD annual readers worldwide and over 15,000 members of it's advanced career training programs. Isaiah has helped thousands of PhDs in over 100+ countries transition into cutting-edge, industry career tracks and has worked with numerous industry leaders, including Amazon, Apple, Corning, JML Optical, Coherent, Intel, Dow Chemical, Roche, Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, and Genentech. He is the author of the business bestsellers, "Black Hole Focus", which went to #1 internationally and, ‘The Science of Intelligent Achievement’; both published by Wiley.

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