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Purposeful Executive Leadership Summit London

06 - 08 February, 2024

Business Design Centre
London, United Kingdom

Is the Middle Management Summit right for you?

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Keynote Speaker and Panelists

Attend the 2023 Purposeful Executive Leadership Summit

Optica’s Purposeful Executive Leadership Summit is a professional development two day in-person only summit that is designed for middle mangers and those who seek to become middle managers.

The summit provides opportunities, in a small group setting for middle-level professionals to enhance and develop the leadership skills, relationships, and effectiveness that distinguish them in their professions and enable them to make more meaningful contributions to the teams and organizations they lead and serve. 

Why Purposeful Leadership?

• Focuses on the commitments between leaders and followers, and between your purpose and your organization’s goals

• Includes measurements tools, exercises and skills development to develop emotionally engaged, inclusive leaders

• Uses a common leadership language and framework that can be scaled across all levels of your organization 

• Is a proven, research-based model on what makes the most effective leaders


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