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Mastering Impromptu Speaking

29 September 2020

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC - 05:00)

Some of our most critical speaking situations happen when we are unprepared. The way in which we speak off the cuff is partly how our leadership skills will be measured. Impromptu speaking is a skill which we can build with practice and feedback. In this interactive training, you will learn a strategic framework for speaking clearly and concisely with no advanced preparation. You will receive instructor feedback by volunteering to answer questions using the strategic framework you just learned. You will retain the strategies by role-playing difficult and impromptu questions among peers in a breakout group. You will leave the session with more confidence and more tools to speak up in your most important professional settings.

Using these skills and techniques to concisely respond to questions about your work will allow your most important key messages to be heard. Confident communication and composure in impromptu situations are critical steps to building trust with their audience.

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