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Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR) 30th Annual Meeting

21 - 24 Jun 2018

University Medical Center Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
Hannah Walter

The Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR) is an international scientific non-profit organization devoted to promoting research and knowledge about the effects of light on the organism and the chronobiology of psychiatric as well as other medical disorders. Attendees of the SLTBR Annual Meeting will have the opportunity to hear from the co-chair of the OSA Color Technical Group, Manuel Spitschan, during a session on Thursday, 21 June 2018, from 14:30 to 15:20. The OSA Color Technical Group will be introduced to SLTBR members, including an overview of the group's scope, aims and opportunities for involvement being presented. A discussion and coffee break will follow the conclusion of the session.

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