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2018 OIDA Workshop on Scalable Integrated Photonics for 5G and IoT

11 March 2018

San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California USA

Sandra Kim

ifth generation (5G) wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT) are introducing a wide range of new  applications that will depend on performance enhancements across multiple dimensions, including low  latency, high capacity, and enhanced resilience. 

Fifth generation (5G) wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT) are introducing a wide range of new  applications that will depend on performance enhancements across multiple dimensions, including low  latency, high capacity, and enhanced resilience. Densification of network access points and capacity will be essential to achieving these performance advances and increased functionality. Standards groups are calling for bandwidth densities as high as 10 Tb/s/km2. High speed access points fulfilling this bandwidth  density will be challenged by footprint, power, and cost limitations on facilities that include street lights,  kiosks, and traffic lights. 

An OIDA Workshop in Partnership with CIAN, Sponsored by PIXAPP, Go!Foton & AIM

11 March 2018
San Diego Convention Center, Room 20A
San Diego, CA, USA

OIDA WorkshopFifth generation (5G) wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT) are introducing a wide range of new applications that will depend on performance enhancements across multiple dimensions, including low latency, high capacity, and enhanced resilience. Densification of network access points and capacity will be essential to achieving these performance advances and increased functionality. Standards groups are calling for bandwidth densities as high as 10 Tb/s/km2. High speed access points fulfilling this bandwidth density will be challenged by footprint, power, and cost limitations on facilities that include street lights, kiosks, and traffic lights.
Photonic devices provide capacity and latency that can meet the demanding requirements of 5G and IoT applications. Developing integrated photonic devices that can scale to high volume manufacturing while meeting the tight power and cost constraints promise to open up these rapidly growing markets to photonic devices. 

This workshop will examine this opportunity for integrated photonics through plenary and invited talks by leading experts in the field covering the following topics:

  • The 5G and IoT markets as they related to integrated photonic devices—where are the largest opportunities and where is the low hanging fruit for photonics to have impact? Overview of the high level business and technical metrics that integrated photonics needs to meet for these applications.
  • Major themes and approaches used in 5G and IoT that are relevant to photonic systems. Learn about cloud radio access networks, CPRI, radio over fiber, NFV and SDN.
  • In depth analysis of the major technical challenges related to scalable manufacturing, low power, and low cost of integrated photonics in emerging 5G and IoT applications. Including presentations of the state-of- the-art technologies.
  • Reports from large international R&D programs on integrated photonics and their strategies for 5G and IoT. 
OIDA WorkshopThe workshop is targeted at companies and innovators considering or already investing in integrated photonics to meet their future product requirements, and who need to understand key manufacturing challenges and how they can be addressed.

Organizing Committee

Tom Hausken, OIDA, Chair
Peter O'Brien, Tyndall, Ireland, Chair
Dan Kilper, CIAN, USA
Shaya FainmanUniversity of California, San Diego, USA
Ewit Roos, PhotonDelta, The Netherlands
Marco Ruffini, IPIC/TCD, Ireland
Frank Tolic, Suny Poly, USA​
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