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Optica Imaging Congress

Speaker Resources

This congress will be presented as an in-person meeting with on-demand content. Presenters who selected to present remotely will upload their presentations into ScholarOne. Presenters that do not present their papers will not have their paper published. 

Here you will find information on important deadlines, presider guidelines and other items that you will need to read before attending this event. Meeting-specific information, such as poster set-up and tear-down times, can be found below. 

Uploading Your Oral Presentation

Deadline to Upload: At least 2 hours before your session starts.

All on-site presenters are required to upload their presentations onto the computer of their assigned presentation room at least 2 hours before the session start time. Presenters at morning sessions (starting at 08:00) will be able to access session rooms starting at 07:30. Presenters may visit their presentation room during breaks that are longer than 30 minutes or after the sessions have concluded for the day to upload their presentation.

You should review your presentation in advance of uploading to the computer to make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly.  Save your file on a flash drive for easy transfer to the presentation room computer.  A folder for each day of the meeting will be pre-loaded on the computer. Your presentation should be saved in the appropriate day’s folder by your presentation ID. Please make sure you have all power, video and networking adapters. 

A room monitor and audio-visual (AV) person will be in every meeting room no later than 15 minutes prior to the session to provide instructions on pulling up your presentation in the computer at the podium. Be sure to arrive to your session no later than 15 minutes before the session start time to receive these instructions. 

At the end of the meeting, all files will be destroyed, and the computer hard drives will be reformatted.

For Mac Users: Optica Management requests that all speakers bring a copy of their presentation in either a PowerPoint (PPTX) or PDF format for presenting on the provided systems. Speakers should bring a copy of their presentations on a FAT32 or NTFS formatted USB flash drive with a standard USB-A connection. And as with all speakers, you are welcome to check the presentation in the assigned room during the breaks or lunches before the event starts.

Poster Information

Poster Session Times and Location

Session Title Session Date Session Time Session Location
JM4A — Joint Poster Session I Monday, 15 July 15:30 – 16:30 Ariane Foyer
JTh2A — Joint Poster Session II Thursday, 18 July 10:00 – 11:00 Ariane Foyer
JF2A — Joint Poster Session III Friday, 19 July 10:00 – 11:00 Ariane Foyer

Onsite Setup and Tear-Down Times

Posters should be setup no later than 15:00 on Monday, 15 July if they are scheduled to present in Joint Poster Session I, or 09:30 on Thursday or Friday, 18-19 July if they are scheduled to present in Joint Poster Session II or Joint Poster Session III. This is 30 minutes prior to the start of the poster sessions.

Posters should be placed on their designated boards to match the number of their final ID.  Posters must be removed no later than the end of the day, unless management advises you they should be removed earlier. All posters remaining at 18:45 will be discarded. 

Poster Sizes

Poster dimensions at Imaging 2024 will be 94 cm wide x 240 cm high.  Presenters will be provided with push-pins and a tag with their poster ID number. 


Image for keeping the session alive