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25 April, 2018

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The Next Big Thing in Integrated Photonics Will be 5G—for Low Latency
What's the next big thing for integrated photonics after telecom, datacom, and the recent activity in LIDAR? If 5G turns out to be as big as proponents suggest it will be, integrated photonics will be needed to support low-latency applications like augmented reality and driverless cars. This was a key finding from the OIDA Workshop on Scalable Integrated Photonics for 5G and IoT, held last month at OFC.

5G promises to be more than the next version of LTE and other 4th generation wireless technologies. Proponents say that 5G will be a universal connection, stitching together diverse technologies rather than supplanting them; LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth will remain in the field even as 5G is rolled out for nearer-term fixed-wireless applications.

Pushing 5G wireless bandwidth to the mainstream and mobile end-users will require massive investments in optical networking to reach deep into the access network. The math is daunting: greater data rates (by 10-100X) and higher density per square kilometer (by 100X) at the same cost to the user. This means new solutions, like using RF-over-fiber, and lots of fiber. Claudio Mazzali reported that Corning expects 5G to require installation of 2 billion kilometer-miles of fiber in the next few years, as much as all the fiber installed into networks up to now.

The greatest challenge is low latency: it needs to be much less than 1 msec from handset to the radio cloud center (RCC) and back, with most of the millisecond reserved for software processing. Integrated photonics might help by processing analog RF at lower cost than an equivalent network using electronics or discrete photonics.

The workshop also pondered the question of adopting standards to reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate deployment of integrated photonics. It's a popular view, especially in Europe. The U.S. view seems to be that standards are good for customers but not as good for new product development. One panelist suggested standardizing on fewer process flows, or on something as simple as the SOI substrate thickness. However, one U.S. attendee replied that it's still too early, that the industry isn't done innovating on the substrates yet. And consultant Jan Vardeman said that she expects more proprietary co-design of packages with customers, like how Apple co-designed board technology with TSMC for its iPhones to gain a competitive advantage in its handset design.

The workshop was held on 18 March in San Diego, collocated with OFC 2018. It is the 8th workshop that OIDA has hosted with CIAN, the NSF center headquartered at the University of Arizona. This year's workshop was sponsored by Go!Foton, AIM Photonics, and PIXAPP, the European photonic packaging pilot line.
TSMC's InFO package for Apple iPhone 7 next to a U.S. dime. Source: TSMC.

OIDA Sensors Forum: Follow the Money
Trickle-down investment from the "Apple economy" is driving opportunities for optics companies in applications from driverless cars to augmented reality, Internet of Things, and much more. This is not limited to Apple, of course, but is thanks to many familiar giants in consumer-facing products and services: Apple, Amazon, Facebook (and Oculus), Google (and Waymo), Microsoft, Samsung, Uber, and many others. And then there are the traditional OEMs and their suppliers, such as Ford, GM, Bosch, and others. But with this tsunami of optical sensor opportunities coming, is the industry ready to deliver?

The new opportunities are larger in scale than what many optics suppliers are used to. Vincent Lin of ASE said in OIDA's March workshop that volume production to ASE is a million units a day. Such volumes in photonics are found only in consumer products made in Asia, such as displays, LEDs, and smartphone camera modules. The emerging opportunities are also a step up in sophistication compared to incumbent technologies. For example, LIDAR has been in field use since the invention of the laser in the 1960s for applications from aerial mapping to MRI machines. But driverless cars require faster data acquisition at the reliability and prices suitable for a mass consumer market.

The optics industry has delivered Apple iPhone face recognition technology, and that's just the beginning. AR headsets pose their own intriguing applications, challenging technical hurdles, and market risks. The auto industry is infamous as a relentlessly demanding customer, but OEMs and suppliers are searching for technologies that can set them apart or that they can keep out of the hands of competitors.

These new opportunities and challenges will be the focus of OIDA Executive Forum on the Exploding Role of Optics in Sensing, to be held 14 May in San Jose, collocated with CLEO 2018. The forum will emphasize the perspectives from the investors and end-product makers, from Microsoft and Samsung Ventures to startup Prophesee and contract manufacturer Fabrinet. Come to the OIDA Executive Forum in San Jose! You can find more information here.

Planning for the Next Decade at Photonics21
The big news at the Photonics21 Annual Meeting on 8-9 March in Brussels, Belgium was that the European Commission budget for the upcoming Framework Programme 9 (FP9) may be altered to merge photonics and electronics into one Key Enabling Technology, or KET, while adding a new KET for artificial intelligence. There is special funding for KETs, and photonics scored a victory in 2009 when photonics was selected to be its own KET amongst six total. Merging the two KETs might not reduce the total budget, but it would mean competing for project funding with a larger group of tech companies that includes giants such as ASML, Infineon and STMicroelectronics. The FP9 R&D budget will be announced in May 2018, and funding will span 2021-2027.

The threatened merger of KETs may be a sign that photonics is still not branded well enough at the higher levels of the European Commission, even though the Photonics21 community has been organized and has marketed itself well. E.U. Director of Digital Industry Lucilla Sioli recognized photonics as "one of the best and most efficient contractual PPPs [public-private partnerships] we have ever seen in the Commission." The threatened merger may also reflect the Commission's intent of avoiding legacy entitlement programs to stay focused on strategic goals.

Meanwhile, the feeling about the looming exit of the U.K. from the E.U. is that the U.K. and E.U. research collaborations cannot continue without each other, and that some accommodation will have to be made to include the U.K. in European projects. Switzerland offers a model for this; it is allowed to participate in E.U. projects if it pays its own way, even though Switzerland is not an E.U. member.
Source: Photonics21
Apart from the budget concerns, the thrust of the meeting was focused as much as ever on the working groups, which provide an opportunity for members to brainstorm and advocate for various projects to be co-funded through the European Commission photonics unit. The working groups propose projects, which the Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders down-selects to a shorter list for E.U. unit approval.

The Photonics21 Annual Meeting is held every year in Brussels. It has also been promoted as the European Photonics Summit and the

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Public Relations Recap
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Call for Nominations — OSA Awards & Medals
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