Laser Congress

03 October 2021 – 07 October 2021
Optica Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 04:00)

EUV, X-Ray Generation & Particle Acceleration (LTu2B)

Presider: Lahsen Assoufid, Argonne National Laboratory
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7:00 - 7:30
(UTC - 05:00)

High Peak Power and High Average Power Lasers for High Energy Particle Acceleration (LTu2B.1)
Presenter: Christophe Simon-Boisson, Thales Laser SA

We report here about the next generation of high repetition rate and high average power lasers which will enable many new applications of laser-based compact particle accelerators and radiation sources in industry & medicine

Authors:Christophe Simon-Boisson, Thales Laser SA

7:30 - 8:00
(UTC - 05:00)

Recent Development Activities of Energetic Ion Source Driven by High-Intensity Laser Toward Heavy Ion Therapy at QST (LTu2B.2)
Presenter: Michiaki Mori, National Inst. Quantum & Radiological Scince & Techh

QST has started a project to develop a next generation heavy ion radiotherapy system. The laser-driven ion acceleration is used for the injector, while the superconducting technology for the synchrotron for innovative downsizing.

Authors:Michiaki Mori, National Inst. Quantum & Radiological Scince & Techh


8:00 - 8:30
(UTC - 05:00)

Laser-Driven Resonant Magnetic Soft-X-ray Scattering (LTu2B.3)
Presenter: Daniel Schick, Max-Born-Institut Berlin

We employ a thin-disk laser-driven plasma source in the soft-X-ray range to probe the spin order in an antiferromagnetically coupled superlattice via resonant magnetic scattering at the Fe L3 absorption edge.

Authors:Daniel Schick, Max-Born-Institut Berlin