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Scientists as Educators -- Optica Stories

Optica Fellow Miguel Alonso tells the community how important it is for scientists to work as educators and inspire younger generations to enter science.

Date: 2023-03-20T23:49:40

Giovanni Milione has been volunteering for Optica for 15 years--Optica Stories

Optica member Giovanni Milione, NEC Laboratories America, shares what he values about being a member of Optica--Optica Stories

Date: 2023-03-15T18:16:25

Pablo Artal talks about his involvement with Optica--Optica Stories

Optica Fellow Pablo Artal, Univ. de Murcia, Spain, finds that Optica has always been a part of his career--Optica Stories

Date: 2023-03-15T17:47:37

Cornelia Denz discusses her current work--Optica Stories

Optica Fellow Cornelia Denz, Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany, talks about investigating cells with optical means--Optica Stories

Date: 2023-03-15T16:37:22

Gisele Bennett has been involved with Optica for 30+ years--Optica Stories

Optica Fellow Gisele Bennett, MEPSS, LLC, values the volunteer work she has done with Optica throughout her career--Optica Stories

Date: 2023-03-15T16:24:52

Broadband OPA Technology for Ultrashort or Incoherent Laser Pulses

Jon Zuegel provides an overview of OPA technology for producing ultrashort or incoherent laser pulses used for ICF and HED research at the University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics.

Date: 2023-03-10T21:20:52

Harnessing the Power of ‘Visual’ Art: Memory-Drawing Training Drives Rapid Neuroplasticity in the Blind and Sighted

Dr. Lora Likova discusses the Cognitive-Kinesthetic (C-K) Drawing Rehabilitation Training, which enables studying and improving a broad range of causative mechanisms of brain reorganization from the blind to the fully sighted.

Date: 2023-03-10T16:09:22

OFC 2023 Plenary Session

Speakers: Patricia Obo-Nai, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Ghana; Jayshree V. Ullal, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arista Networks; Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Corning Incorporated

Date: 2023-03-08T06:34:18

Industry Tutorial: Optical Ground Station for Optical and Quantum Communications Design and Instrumentation

One of the key parts of optical and quantum communications is the Optical Ground Station (OGS). Join our webinar to get insights on this key element and to understand how Adaptive Optics (AO) components and systems can be integrated inside.

Date: 2023-03-08T02:15:25

Stephan Pachnicke discusses his work in optics--Optica Stories

Stephan Pachnicke, Kiel University, shares what his group is currently working on--Optica Stories

Date: 2023-03-06T00:15:59
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