OSA Enabled by Optics

Enabled by Optics Contest

The contest is now closed. The winners will be announced in April 2016.

Explain How Your Company's Technology
Has Impacted Our World.


What Will My Company Win?

Exposure, Publicity, Recognition, Excitement, Opportunities, Education
Your company will be featured on OSA’s global platform to recognize and explain how your company’s innovative technology enables products and impacts the world. Recognition will continue throughout OSA's 2016 Centennial Year.
Extensive and Continuous Recognition of the Winning Company Will Include:
  1. OSA produced video featuring your company and the specific technology highlighted in your entry.
  2. Worldwide promotion of your winning entry and video :
    1. Throughout 2016 in conjunction with OSA’s Centennial Celebration.
    2. Targeted exposure to the CLEO 2016 audience prior to, during and after the event—with a featured presentation of the video at the Plenary Session.
    3. Exclusive recognition on OSA’s web site, in OSA newsletters and in multiple emails to OSA’s members and customers.
  3. Press outreach to consumer and trade press plus a multi-media press release featuring your OSA produced video
  4. Potential media interviews and coverage in trade and consumer press outlets.
  5. Video presentation shown at relevant OSA events such as Educator’s Day, Capitol Hill Programs, and in the OSA Booth at Industry Shows.
  6. Circulation to K-12 educators as a resource to excite the next generation of scientists and engineers.
  7. Exposure to policy makers to educate them about the impact optics has on society, business, the economy, and jobs.
  8. Inclusion on the OSA YouTube channel.
  9. Invitation to networking events at CLEO 2016 including Chairs Reception, Industry Executives Networking Dinners, VIP Networking Event with Students and Young Professionals.

Judging Criteria

Contest entries will be judged by members of the OSA Industry Development Associates Committee and Media Representatives who will determine those to participate in finalists interviews before selecting the contest winner.  They will take the following into consideration when making the winning selections:
  1. Impact on Society – Demonstrate the economical, behavioral, and human impact on Society
  2. Uniqueness – How do you differentiate your technology from others?
  3. Creativity – Inspire the judges with your story

Complete the 12 questions to tell the story about the impact your technology has made on Society.

All submissions will be posted to a public online library available as a resource to the optics community, educators, policy makers, and consumers to increase awareness of optics as an enabling technology by featuring its lesser known role in products which are well known to the general public.



New Opportunities for Company Contest Winner

  • Promoted in Conjunction with OSA's Year-Long Centennial Celebration
  • Featured at CLEO 2016 Plenary Session
  • New Media Exposure Opportunities
  • Continuous Exposure as part of OSA's Ongoing Efforts to Raise Awareness for Optics
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