Awards & Medals Nominator's Guide

We recognize and celebrate the field's technical, research, engineering, education, business, leadership and service accomplishments. Our awards program spans all areas of optics and photonics, as well as contributions made to the community. 

In the interest of efficiency and speed, all nominations are submitted online through BEAM, our Awards and Honors System.

Nomination Deadlines

10 April
Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award

13 May
Optica Treasurer's Award  

30 June
Herbert Walther Award 

30 June 14 July - Deadline Extended
Stephen D. Fantone Distinguished Service Award

10 August
John Tyndall Award

1 October
All other Awards & Medals


Nomination Details

Important Note:  The nominee does not participate in the nomination process. To maintain confidentiality, the necessary facts should be obtained from the nominee only if the complete and correct background information is not available elsewhere.

We serve a diverse and inclusive community worldwide. Nominees that reflect and support this diversity across all areas including gender, race, educational/institutional background and geography are especially encouraged.

Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize

Esther Hoffman Beller Medal

Max Born Award

Stephen D. Fantone Distinguished Service Award

Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award

Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award

Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert M. Burley Prize

The Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award

Nick Holonyak Jr. Award

Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award

Edwin H. Land Medal

Sang Soo Lee Award

Emmett N. Leith Medal

Ellis R. Lippincott Award

Adolph Lomb Medal

C.E.K. Mees Medal

William F. Meggers Award

David Richardson Medal

Kevin P. Thompson Optical Design Innovator Award

Edgar D. Tillyer Award

Charles Hard Townes Medal

Optica Treasurer's Award

John Tyndall Award

Herbert Walther Award

R. W. Wood Prize