Optica Treasurer's Award

Recognizes an Optica staff member who makes significant contributions to organizational excellence, promotes and enacts innovative solutions or exemplifies inspirational leadership.

The award was established in 2016 to honor the dedication, efficiency, innovation and leadership demonstrated by the Optica staff.  

2021 2021 2020 2019

Kelly Cohen

Terence Patrick Rooney

Mary E Wheeler

Jessica Pagonis

For her strong leadership, ingenuity, and resourcefulness in leading many successful OSA Publishing initiatives


For providing a world-class experience to Student Chapters through his genuine energy and thoughtful innovation


For exemplifying the type of leadership that promotes excellence amongst her coworkers, and outstanding support of the Society’s digital strategies


For exceptional leadership, the ability to manage parallel and conflicting components of a conference with strategy and focus, and for cultivating an enjoyable work environment


2018 2017 2016  
Naomi R Chavez M. Scott Dineen Deborah C. Herrin  

For outstanding and innovative leadership, on a continued and sustained basis, of the Optical Society’s meeting and conference portfolio





For excellence in publishing technology and development of new tools essential for maintaining and enhancing OSA’s publishing leadership. PRISM and the OSA Publishing platforms are prime examples of his abilities


For outstanding leadership, impeccable standards and visionary contributions to the development of systems and technical solutions to support OSA's myriad programs