Retinal Mechanisms Mediating Vision

Hosted By: Clinical Vision Sciences Technical Group

14 October 2021, 12:00 - 14:00 - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 04:00)

You are invited to join us for this special session focused on retinal mechanisms mediating vision. Serial electron microscopy and high density electrophysiology together have provided new insight into the retinal circuit mechanisms shaping vision in the macula. In this session, experts in the area will review recent research on retinal mechanisms mediating high acuity spatial and color vision, spanning the entire cascade of circuits connecting cone photoreceptors to retinal ganglion cells.

Invited speakers:

  • Raunak Sinha, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Wei Li, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health
  • Chi Zhang, University of Washington
  • Sara Patterson, University of Rochester


  • Jesse Schallek, University of Rochester
  • Ramkumar Sabesan, University of Washington

This special session is being hosted by the Clinical Vision Sciences Technical Group, the Color Technical Group, and the Vision Technical Group along with the Fall Vision Meeting Planning Committee.