Quantum Education Resources

Quantum Education Workshops and References

Achieving a Quantum Smart Workforce (PDF)
This manuscript not only addresses policy makers and funding agencies (both public and private and from the regional to the international level) but also contains needs identified by industry leaders and discusses the difficulties inherent in creating an inclusive QISE curriculum.
Kavli Futures Symposium: Achieving a Quantum Smart Workforce
This workshop, held in 2019, was intended to foster discussion on graduate education in the quantum sciences. The goal of the workshop was to discuss curriculum, identify potential roadblocks and opportunities for collaboration, and hear from industry about the skills that are desired. 
APS Physical Review Physics Education Research

"Preparing for the quantum revolution - what is the role of higher education?," Michael F. J. Fox, Benjamin M. Zwickl, and H. J. Lewandowski, Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res. 16, 020131

Through a qualitative study of the quantum industry, in a series of interviews with 21 US companies carried out in Fall 2019, we describe the types of activities being carried out in the quantum industry, profile the types of jobs that exist, and describe the skills valued across the quantum industry, as well as in each type of job. 

The National Quantum Initiative

The online home of the National Quantum Initiative and ongoing activities to explore and promote Quantum Information Science. 

Quantum Frontiers Report (PDF)

Report on Community Input to the Nation’s Strategy for Quantum Information Science

National Q-12 Education Partnership
A partnership between the Federal government, industry, professional societies and the education community that will expand access to K-12 quantum learning tools and inspire the next generation of quantum leaders.
Google Quantum AI: Educational Resources
A curated set of resources that can be integrated into undergraduate and graduate level quantum information science courses.
IBM Quantum Experience: Educators Program (IBMid Account Required)
This program helps teachers in the growing quantum field connect with one another, and provides the learning resources, tools and systems access they need to provide quality educational experiences.

Key Concepts for Future Quantum Information Science Learners: 
Quantum Information Science Learning: Future Pathways

The National Science Foundation invited 25 researchers and educators to come together to deliberate on defining a core set of key concepts for future QIS learners that could provide a starting point for further curricular and educator development activities.