Optics for Solar Energy (SOLAR)

11 - 14 November 2012
Hotel Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne, Eindhoven, Netherlands

SOLAR: The focus of this meeting is on application of optics in photovoltaic and thermal solar energy generation.

Solar energy conversion systems are inherently optical in nature. This property is evident from the fact that light must be converted into electrical, thermal, or chemical forms of energy for effective use. The emphasis of this conference is to investigate traditional and non traditional optical and light management techniques to increase the conversion efficiency and economic capability of solar energy processes. The traditional role of optics in photovoltaic systems has been the design and fabrication of high concentration ratio concentrators, anti-reflection coatings, and light trapping techniques. These applications continue to be important. However new paradigms in solar energy systems such as nanostructured photovoltaic cells, low to medium concentration ratio concentrators, tandem and parallel band gap photovoltaic cells, multiple mirror thermal concentrators, and bio fuel growth processes create new challenges that can be addressed with optical techniques.

The intent of this conference is to bring together experts in optical sciences and engineering disciplines to exchange ideas on how to apply optical methods ranging from the macro to nano scale to benefit solar energy conversion processes.

Topics to be considered Include

  • Optical design and fabrication of low, medium, and high concentration ratio concentrating systems;
  • Optical and energy yield modeling of photovoltaic and thermal solar energy conversion systems;
  • Spectrum splitting concentrating and filtering systems for photovoltaic and bio fuel production;
  • Optical materials for packaging of photovoltaic modules and systems;
  • Diffractive and holographic optical systems for enhanced performance photovoltaic, thermal, and chemical solar conversion systems;
  • Optical interfacing to nanostructured photovoltaic systems;
  • Optical light trapping for photovoltaic systems;
  • Optical design of novel planar photovoltaic and dye concentrators;
  • Conformal optics for flexible photovoltaic packages;
  • Optical designs for building integrated photovoltaic and solar lighting applications.

Program Chairs

  • Alan Kost, Univ. of Arizona, USA
  • Raymond Kostuk, Univ. of Arizona, USA
  • Amanda J. Chatten, Imperial College London, UK


This event is part of the Renewable Energy and the Environment Congress, allowing attendees to access to all meetings within the Congress for the price of one and to collaborate on topics of mutual interest.