October 2021 Technology Showcase

13 – 14 October 2021
Event - Eastern Daylight/Summer Time (UTC - 04:00)

Integrated Photonics and Imec 8-Inch Wafer-Scale CMOS Line for Prototyping and Volume Manufacturing

Imec is a leading R&D center for nanotechnology and advanced prototyping. Photonics technology based on wafer-scale CMOS lines is getting more attention due to its compactness, high performance, scalability, and cost reduction. These advantages have already affected the communications market, where Si photonics-based technology is the current leading platform. This presentation will cover other emerging market segments where integrated photonics provides clear advantages, such as lidar, AR/VR, and quantum computing applications.



Dr. Amin Abbasi, Business Development Manager, IMEC

Dr. Amin Abbasi received his BS and MSc in Applied Physics (Lasers) from the University of Tabriz, Iran, in 2009. In 2016, he finished his Ph.D. degree in ultra-high-speed directly modulated DFB lasers at Ghent University (UGent). There Amin continued his research at imec/UGent on 100 Gb/s single-channel EAM modulators until 2017. Afterward, he joined AntwerpSpace/OHB as a photonic team leader on microwave photonics for satellite communication. He contributed to various development projects for the space segment, such as OBF for SAR radar and Q-band frequency converter and receiver development for free-space communication. Amin joined imec in September 2020 as a business development manager, covering imec’s SiN/Si 200- and 300-mm photonic platforms for sensing, communication, and quantum applications. His current focus at imec is on photonic integrated circuits (in Si/SiN) for optical switching and optical beamforming for lidar, and microwave photonic applications. He has (co-)authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. 




Amin Abbasi, Business Development Manager | amin.abbasi@imec.be | +32.473.56.53.92  

Ryan Honeycutt, Marketing Manager | ryan.honeycutt@imec-int.com | +1.407.760.2191


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