Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition

11 – 15 December 2022
Hybrid Event - Central European Time (UTC + 01:00)

Barcelona International Convention Centre
Barcelona, Catalunya Spain

Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference
Applications of Lasers for Sensing and Free Space Communications
Laser Applications Conference

Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference

  • Audrius Dubietis, Vilniaus UniversitetasLithuania
    Table-top Optical Parametric Chirped-pulse Amplifiers: Three Decades of Advances
  • Sheng-Lung Huang, National Taiwan UniversityTaiwan
    Fabrication and Laser Characterization of Glass-clad Single-crystalline-core Fibers
  • Gabriel Mennerat, Commissariat a l'Energie AtomiqueFrance
    High Performance Materials and New Approaches for Frequency Conversion to UV and DUV at High Energy (up to 350 J): Crystal Homogeneity and Overall System Tolerance to Achieve Extreme Efficiencies
  • Richard Mildren, Macquarie UniversityAustralia
    Advances in High gain Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Materials
  • Jeffrey Moses, Cornell UniversityUnited States
    Achieving High Efficiency in Parametric Amplification Via Hybridized Nonlinear Optics
  • Lora Nugent, QuantinuumUnited States
    Laser and Optical Systems for Quantinuum’s Trapped Ion Quantum Computer
  • Angela Pirri, Institute for Applied Physics CarraraItaly
    Achievements and Prospectives of Laser Ceramic Materials: from Pure to Mixed Oxides
  • Michelle Sander, Boston UniversityUnited States
    Ultrafast Pulse Dynamics in Thulium Fiber Laser Systems
  • Thomas Südmeyer, Universite de NeuchatelSwitzerland
    Ultrafast Sub-100-fs Thin-Disk Laser Oscillators
  • Gabrielle Thomas, Menlo Systems GmbHGermany
    Complete, Rack-mounted Laser System for Quantum 2.0 Applications

Laser Applications Conference

  • Stephan Barcikowski, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.Germany
    Title to be Announced
  • Stephan Barcikowski, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.Germany
    Scalable Laser Synthesis of Colloidal Nanoparticles for Catalysis and Additive Manufacturing
  • Stephan Barcikowski, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.Germany
    Scalable Laser Synthesis of Colloidal Nanoparticles for Catalysis and Additive Manufacturing
  • Laurent Berthe, PIMM/CNRSFrance
    Title to be Announced
  • Nina Cao, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited States
    Data Analysis of Beamshaping PBF-LB/M Processes
  • Lina Grineviciute, Ctr for Physical Sciences & TechnologyLithuania
    Title to be Announced
  • Karlheinz Gulden, II-VI Laser EnterpriseSwitzerland
    Laser Lapping of Diamond Materials
  • Sebastian Hartmann, siemens advantaGermany
    Processcontrol/monitoring of DED-LB/M
  • Yusuke Ito, The University of TokyoJapan
    Ultrafast and Large-gap Microwelding of Glass Substrates by Selective Heating of Transiently Excited Electrons
  • Myriam Kaiser, TRUMPF SE & Co.KGGermany
    Tailored-edge Glass Cleaving with Ultrafast Lasers
  • Myriam Kaiser, TRUMPF SE & Co.KGGermany
    Title to be Announced
  • Olga Kocharovskaya, Texas A&M UniversityUnited States
    Attosecond Plasma-Based X-Ray Laser Driven by the IR Field: Prospects and Problems
  • Stephen Milton, Tau SystemsUnited States
    The Use of Rep-Rated, 100-TW Class Laser Systems as Drivers for Commercial Applications
  • Girolamo Mincuzzi, ALPhANOVFrance
    Targeting Mass Production of USP-laser Textured Surfaces
  • Alexandr Ovsianikov, UpNano GmbHAustria
    Multiphoton Lithography- Challenges and Opportunities
  • Gwenn Pallier , CailabsFrance
    Title to be Announced
  • Sunil Pathak, HILASE CenterCzech Republic
    Title to be Announced
  • Vojislav Petrovic, Joanneum ResearchAustria
    Qualititative Laser Beam and Melt Pool Assessment in DED-LB/M Using NIR Imaging
  • Jie Qiao, Rochester Institute of TechnologyUnited States
    Simultaneous Figuring and Finish of Glass and Semiconductor Materials Using Femtosecond Lasers
  • Dariusz Swierad, Fluence sp. z o.o.Poland
    Glass Cutting with fs-lasers
  • Germán Vergara Ogando, NIT
    Real Time Monitoring and Controlling  DED Processes Using Uncooled High Speed MWIR Cameras
  • Georg von Freymann, Nanoscribe GmbHGermany
    Additive Manufacturing of Polymers and Metals on the Submicron Scale

Applications of Lasers for Sensing and Free Space Communications

  • Firooz Aflatouni, University of PennsylvaniaUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic, US Naval AcademyUnited States
    Light Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum PropagationThrough Complex Media
  • Zeb Barber, Montana State University - Spectrum LabUnited States
    FirstLight: FMCW Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles at Aurora
  • Wesley Barnes, UWRF
    Title to be Announced
  • Cullen Bradley, Exciting Technology LLCUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Dale Fried, 3DEO, IncUnited States
    Commercial Geiger-mode Lidar: Capability and Performance Assessments
  • Szymon Gladysz, Fraunhofer IOSBGermany
    Influence of Atmospheric Turbulence on Coherent Free-Space Optical Communications
  • Marcus Hebel, Fraunhofer IOSBGermany
    Mobile Lidar Scanning in Dynamic Urban Environments: Challenges and Applications
  • Sammy Henderson, Beyond PhotonicsUnited States
    Coherent Lidar for Airborne Wind Measurements with High-Percentage Tropospheric Coverage
  • R. Jason Jones, University of ArizonaUnited States
    Dual-Comb Spectroscopy of Laser-Produced Plasmas from the UV to the MIR
  • Matthew Kalensky, NSWCDDUnited States
    Effects of Shock-induced Optical Phase Discontinuities on Wavefront Reconstruction
  • Anthony Klee, Lockheed Martin CorporationUnited States
    Tomographic Wavefront Sensor Using Digital Holography for Enhanced Wind Tunnel Diagnostics
  • Martin Lavery, University of GlasgowUnited Kingdom
    Title to be Announced
  • Lenore McMackin, Red Leader Technologies IncUnited States
    High-Definition Lidar 3D Sensing System
  • Kelsey Miller, Leiden Observatory
    RATS & CATS: A New State-of-the-Art Deep Turbulence Optical Testbed at AFRL
  • Casey Pellizzari, Air Force Institute of TechnologyUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Glen Perram, Air Force Institute of TechnologyUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Michael Steinbock, AFRLUnited States
    Demonstration of Laser Ranging to Unaugmented GEO Debris
  • Anna Tabirian, Beam Co.
    Title to be Announced
  • Mohan Vaidyanathan, L3 Harris TechnologiesUnited States
    Title to Be Announced
  • Andreas Velten, University of Wisconsin-MadisonUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Kelvin Wagner, University of Colorado at BoulderUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Qing Wang, Naval Postgraduate SchoolUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Abbie Watnik, US Naval Research LaboratoryUnited States
    Title to be Announced
  • Kevin Webb, Purdue University
    Super-resolution Sensing Using Speckle
  • Denny Wernham, ESA European Space Research & Tech CtrNetherlands
    Title to be Announced
  • Benjamin Witschas, German Aerospace Center (DLR)Germany
    DLR’s Airborne Support of ESA’s Aeolus Mission - from Pre-launch Campaigns to Mission Performance Validation
  • Steven Zuraski, US Air Force Research LaboratoryUnited States
    Title to be Announced