Lyndsay Meyer
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OSA Celebrates Open Access Week, Recognizes Need for Authors to Have Publishing Options

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24, 2013—In celebration of “Open Access Week,” The Optical Society (OSA) applauds those who are working together to develop sustainable options for maximizing research investments, increasing the influence of published research, and enhancing the advancement of scholarship. OSA is the publisher of 16 high-quality peer-reviewed journals, of which four are  Open Access journals: Biomedical Optics Express, Optical Materials Express, and Optics Express and Photonics Research, a journal published in partnership with the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and Chinese Laser Press.
“We join the international community in celebrating Open Access this week. Around the world, Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Medical journal publishers, like OSA, are the most trusted source of peer-reviewed results for the research communities that they serve,” said Elizabeth Nolan, deputy executive director and chief publishing officer at OSA. “OSA’s publishing expertise, as well as our sustained, long-term financial investments in our journal program, allows for the transformation of more than 7,000 manuscripts into high-quality versions of record each year. It also allows for the integrity and permanence of this content to be ensured, and provides the fastest, most accessible dissemination of research around the world.”
OSA has been a long-time supporter of Open Access, having launched its first Open Access journal in 1997. Today, approximately 50% of the articles published by OSA appear in one of the Society’s ‘Gold’ Open Access journals. Also, since its launch 16 years ago, Optics Express has become one of the most cited journals in the field of optics and is currently the 12th largest journal indexed by the Web of Science (2012 Journal Citation Report®. Thomson Reuters, 2013). Demonstrating a commitment to Open Access, OSA has launched three additional high-quality peer-reviewed Open Access journals in the past four years and is set to debut its fifth journal in 2014. 
“We are a strong supporter of Open Access publishing, and we also believe in providing our author community with a wide variety of publishing options,” Nolan said.  “As a result, we focus on having both ‘Gold’ Open Access and subscription-based journals as part of our publishing portfolio. At OSA, we focus on the needs of the optics and photonics community when deciding the type of journals we publish. This means authors can choose the journal that best meets their individual publishing needs—whether that is one with a rapid time to publication, a high Impact Factor, or a niche versus broad based scope.”
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