AIO 2019: The Keynote and Tutorial

By Cushla McGoverin, University of Auckland

Applied Industrial Optics starts in less than a week.

This year’s keynote presentation “A Tale of Two Optics Companies’ will compare the path from start-up to mid-life of Semrock and Plymouth Grating Laboratory. Turan Erdogan from Plymouth Grating Laboratory will present how Semrock and Plymouth Grating Laboratory took unique approaches to similar challenges and describe some critical decisions which in hindsight they may have handled differently. 

Sujath Ramanujan, Luminate and NextCorps, will give a tutorial ‘From Lab to Launch, Growing your Start-up.’ The path to market for optical and photonics products is not smooth. This tutorial will focus on the ways to navigate growth and development for start-up and growth stage companies. Topics that will be covered in this tutorial include the use of accelerators and business incubation, methods for finding financial resources, outsourcing, and protection of intellectual property.


Posted: 3 July 2019 by Cushla McGoverin, University of Auckland | with 0 comments

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