Going Back to the Basics

By Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (I.I.T. Delhi)

The IIT Delhi OSA Student Chapter hosted OSA Ambassador Dr. Arti Agrawal from City University, London as a Traveling Lecturer. The talk was on Finite Element Method for Photonics and Optics. She covered some of the key principles of numerical methods (for photonics) and shown some examples of different classes of methods. She explained the basics of FEM and steps involved in the method, with some examples. She also discussed the principle of writing code for such a method as well as some tips on best usage of commercial software. The talk was attended by students from different background like Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics and pure physics who belonged to all levels like BTech, Mtech, PhD etc as well as faculty members. The talk was very helpful for the students at our institute as it gave them insight into the applications of commercial software based on FEM in their respective research areas. She also interacted with the chapter members personally and gave them advice on their future research maneuvers. She also gave new and interesting ideas for our future chapter activities. Overall, the traveling lecture was a successful event for the students. Thank you to OSA for providing the Traveling Lecturer Program. 


Posted: 6 September 2016 by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (I.I.T. Delhi) | with 0 comments

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