A New Force of Awakening

By Harbin Institute of Technology OSA Student Chapter

At May 30th, Doctor Yue Yang from Jupiter Networks, United States arrived at Harbin Institute of Technology and presented to the HIT OSA Student Chapter and the national key laboratory of tunable laser a great report about his research direction: High-speed optical systems and networking functions using orbital-angular-momentum multiplexing. Dr. Yue got his bachelor degree and master degree from Nankai University in Tianjin, after that he continued his research in University of Southern California, and got his doctor degree from there. He focused his research direction to integrated electronics, free-space and fiber optics, optical communication and optical network. After his graduation, he has worked for several companies and now he works in Jupiter Networks, which is a network equipment company. It is a great honor for our HIT OSA Student Chapter to have the choice to invite such a famous researcher with rich work experience in his research direction.

Our HIT OSA Student Chapter highly anticipated the arrival of Dr. Yue. The supervisor of HIT OSA Student Chapter, Professor Zhao Yongpeng, and former leader of HIT OSA student chapter, Doctor Ma Yufei, both were present in the report conference site. Also, before the report began, our former leader, Xu Xinrui, gave a brief and wonderful prologue to introduce Dr. Yue and his research direction. All our initial preparation work was under the guidance of former leader Xu Xinrui, with the participation of other OSA members such as Zhou Dengwang, Jia Tao, He Ying and Chang Guang. The success of Dr. Yue’s report had a close relationship with all these members mentioned above, without their hardworking and dedication, the organization of this activity will not be so successfully.

During the lecture, the audience from HIT OSA Student Chapter and the national key laboratory of tunable laser listened carefully to Dr. Yue’s report, especially audience research about optical fiber sensing, microwave photonics and all-optical signal process. After Dr. Yue’s lecture finished, audience actively express their opinions and ideas about this scientific frontier and Dr. Yue also shared his opinions and ideas. The report concluded with a heated discussion. After the report, the members from HIT OSA Student Chapter assembled and propagated our HIT OSA Student Chapter. As a result, several new members decided to join us, which gave us an essential new force for our student chapter. Our student chapter members also advised Dr. Yue for further acknowledgement about his research, and invited Dr. Yue to some of our laboratories for a visit. Our student chapter members briefly introduced main works in our laboratories, and Dr. Yue was highly impressed by that.

Recalling this activity again, the invitation for Dr. Yue to our OSA student chapter not only showed our members and researchers a promising direction in our research, but also gave us a valuable opportunity to associate with foreign famous researchers. Therefore, all members in our student chapter did their best efforts in order to ensure the successful progress of this activity. The fund through the progress were all provided by the OSA Traveling Lecturer Program. For giving us this valuable opportunity and providing us fund for that, we pay our most appreciation to OSA, and at the same time we are looking forward to another chance to meet another famous researcher under the arrangement of the OSA Traveling Lecturer Program.


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