Cultivating Success with Other Student Chapters

By OSA Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) Student Chapter

Beijing Jiaotong University OSA Student Chapter held a series of events from April 21st to April 22nd, titled "Biomedical Sensing and Optical Fiber Sensing Seminar" as well as the "BJTU OSA/SPIE Student Chapter Symposium", to commemorate The Optical Society’s 100th anniversary. We invited Professor Alex Vitkin (University of Toronto, Fellow of OSA and SPIE, the SPIE Visiting Lecturer), who has expertise in medical physics and applications of lasers in medicine, to attend these celebrations.

To join the celebration, students and faculty at Beijing Jiaotong University, Peking University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Tsinghua University, Capital Normal University and Institute of Physics, and Chinese Academy of Sciences were invited to partake in the series of events. This made it productive to facilitate contacts and academic communication between the various student chapters.

On April 21st, the Biomedical Sensing and Optical Fiber Sensing Seminar was held at Beijing Jiaotong University. Before the seminar, we invited Professor Alex Vitkin to visit the labs of Institute of Optical Information and Institute of Information. At the beginning, Dr An Yu
(The Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Computer and Information Technology) made an interesting oral talk about their recent research on biophotonics, titled "Fast and accurate imaging for fluorescence molecular tomography". Then Professor Alex Vitkin made a short oral talk about his research on OCT and optical fiber sensors. There were also some other oral presentations, including "Optical Fiber Force Sensor" by Associate Professor Tangwen Yang (School of Computer and Information Technology), "Brief introduction to a birefringence fiber laser sensor" by Dr Assistance Professor Kuanglu Yu (School of Computer and Information Technology), and "Implementation of Blind Source Separation for Optical Fiber Sensing" by Dr Qiang Li (Institute of Optical Information, School of Science). Participants had a lively discussion on biomedical sensors and optical fiber sensors. This seminar provided a platform for the researchers and students to learn about the information of different research institutes and universities.

On April 22nd, BJTU OSA/SPIE Student Chapter Symposium was held at Beijing Jiaotong University. We had around 60 participants where we gave out some souvenirs, including bookmarks, card stickers, as well as certificates for participation and oral presentation, and a poster to promote the event - all to celebrate OSA’s 100th anniversary. Information of the event, containing time, attendance, location et al., as well as knowledge of OSA's 100th anniversary, were shown in our Wechat official accounts.

At the beginning of the symposium, our Treasurer Dr Zejia Huang gave an opening talk to introduce the history of BJTU OSA/SPIE Student Chapter, the contribution of OSA for optics and photonics; and the fact that this year is OSA's 100th anniversary. Then Professor Alex Vitkin made a keynote talk on biophotonics for one hour which the participants were very interested to hear. At the Q&A time, there was a hot discussion. After some light refreshments, four oral talks on wavefront coding technique, high-speed single-pixel imaging, Terahertz time-domain system and photonic neuron learning rule were made by representatives from four OSA/SPIE student chapters.

The series of events held by Beijing Jiaotong University OSA Student Chapter were successful and we are so glad we got to celebrate OSA's 100th anniversary. We hope it could be a feature event for our chapter to pass down. Finally, thank you for the support from OSA with their Centennial Special Events Grant and SPIE, and the support from School of Science, School of Computer and Information Technology, Graduate School of Beijing Jiaotong University and the other OSA/SPIE Student Chapters in Beijing.


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