Applied Industrial Optics 2014: Highlights from Day 2

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D.

We returned to regular AIO programming with the session 'The Joy of Measurement, How Low Can We Go'. Dr Peter de Groot (Zygo Corporation) opened with a talk summarizing the evolution of interference microscopy and recent advancements in the field, including compensated objectives for glass cover slips, new wide field-of-view objectives, vibration robustness, true color imaging, and measurement of steep slopes and surface textures. Next, Dr Jonathan Saint Clair (Boeing Company) discussed challenges in optical metrology in the aerospace industry. Boeing faces an enduring challenge to design, build and test large-scale, complex mechanical structures with millions of parts and precisely controlled small-scale features - the constant strive for faster, better, cheaper.

After lunch, the program continued with 'Trip the Light Body Fantastic'. After a last-minute reshuffle, Dr Bernard Kress kicked off the session with an additional presentation on the details of Google Glass technology, followed by a short Q&A with the attendees. Regular sessioning followed, with Dr Brian Cunningham (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) presenting his research on smartphone biosensors for health, environment and food safety. By integrating some custom optics with a standard smartphone camera, full spectral data is available for analysis, with applications such as HIV viral load measurements and peanut allgern detection and measurement in foods. Next, Dr Kate Bechtel (Triple Ring Technologies Inc.) described the processes involved in design, development and testing of a handheld device for oximetry. In order to accurately determine tissue absorption coefficients at multiple wavelengths, challenges such as tissue scattering and disentangling that scatter must be overcome. The final speaker of the day, Dr Albert Stowlow (SD Tech & University of Ottowa),whose research is in the area of multimodal coherent nonlinear optical microscopy, introduced the notion of Geophotonics: applying CARS microscopy to geology to create some striking new views of natural materials.

The final event of Day 2 - the Joint Poster Session - featured posters from AIO and all topical meetings at the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress. As always, poster sessions are a terrific way to mingle with other attendees, especially student researchers. Later, the AIO Committee invited attendees to meet again at the Sheraton Hotel Fountain Wine Bar, before heading downtown together for some Seattle seafood!


Poster session


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