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05 November, 2013

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NPI News: Outreach and Activities Update
The summer and early fall months were busy for the National Photonics Initiative (NPI). In August and September, the NPI hosted events with Members of Congress in four states, organized an advocacy day on Capitol Hill, met with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and testified before a Federal interagency committee on optics and photonics. Check out photos from the events, recaps, and opportunities for you to get involved in the latest NPI Newsletter.

OIDA Proceeds with Consortium Plans
An action item from the OIDA workshop on 17 September on photonic integration was to continue to find common ground for a consortium to reduce barriers to the manufacturing of OEICs, particularly on the assembly side of manufacturing. OIDA has applied for a grant from the U.S. government to help fund this effort.

The September workshop, and earlier meetings held in 2011 and May 2013, focused on industry issues with regard to the assembly side of OEIC manufacturing. The aim is to reduce the cost of development of non-differentiating technologies through partnerships. Earlier in September, OIDA hosted an NSF workshop that emphasized university research needs with regard to the wafer side of OEIC manufacturing. That workshop aimed to find a path to a domestic facility. These workshops overlapped somewhat, but together they are addressing OEIC manufacturing overall: industry and university, wafer to assembly.

OIDA is enlisting support for this effort, which will require many parallel activities. For information, please contact Tom Hausken.


Quarterly update and forecast
With the 4th quarter results still to go, it appears that U.S. photonics suppliers will see growth of about 4% this year, over 2012. Actual results for specific companies varies, of course. Selling machine tools into the China market has been good for the last few years, while the solar market is much more volatile. (Last month’s OSA Corporate Associates newsletter broke out the U.S. photonics market by type of photonics products.)

OIDA is expecting somewhat better growth in 2014: in the range between 5% to 10%, with 7-8% growth quite realistic. The best growth prospects will come in 2015, as the regional economies “fire on all cylinders”, so to speak. Recall that the recession hit with full force in 2008 and 2009, and that would put the global recovery 6-7 years later, in 2015.

U.S. photonics suppliers are faring better than the U.S. economy through all of this. The U.S. economy showed growth of only 2% in 2011, 3% in 2012, less than 2% so far in 2013. This is modest compared to our estimate for photonics suppliers. The U.S. economy includes consumer goods and services, industrial goods and services, and a significant government sector. It is the government sector, and it’s rippling effects on industry and consumers, that is most affected by budget cuts and furloughed workers. We won’t know the full effect of those actions until results are published in early 2014.

This and other topics will be discussed in greater detail at this month’s OIDA Annual Forum, to be held in Washington, D.C. on 18-19 November.


OIDA Market Update
The upcoming OIDA Market Update features FTTX, mobile backhaul, next-generation networks, the additive manufacturing fad, and highlights from the OIDA market presentation by David Belforte at OSA’s ASSL meeting in Paris. Belfort’s latest estimate has industrial laser sales growing at 5.8% in 2013. Strongest growth is in (not surprisingly) fiber lasers, while CO2 lasers and conventional solid-state lasers will be approximately flat this year.

Additive manufacturing is certainly not new, with systems sold for additive machine tool processes for many years. It’s a general term, which includes and is sometimes used synonymously with 3D printing. But even 3D printing is not brand new, with the first 3D printer created in 1984, and UV stereolithography systems historically selling for $100,000 or more. What is gaining the attention in the mainstream media is the desktop 3D printer, with the easy analogy to desktop printers. While 3D printers are plagued by the slow processing speed, results that often look like mutants, and suboptimal materials for many products, they are finding use for many prototyping activities. Now there is controversy too, with the release of designs on the web to make a gun with a common 3D printer. The Market Update will review the technology and market in more detail to separate the hype from the substance, particularly with regard to photonics, which is not used in many additive processes.

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CLEO: 2014—Special Symposia Announced
CLEO: 2014 recently announced this year’s Special Symposia. A number of stimulating topics are featured covering a broad range of disciplines in laser science and electro-optics. Optofluidic Microsystems, Advances in Molecular Imaging, Advances in Neurophotonics, High Performance Optics, Laser Processing for Consumer Electronics, and Novel Light Sources and Photonic Devices in Optical Imaging are just a few of the highly engaging topics. For a full list of symposiums, visit CLEO: 2014, the leading peer-reviewed conference on lasers and electro-optics, is being held 8-13 June 2014 in San Jose, CA, USA.


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