Technical Groups

Vision and Color

Explore the technical groups of the Vision and Color Technical Division, which cover a wide range of topics including the optics of the eye, their impact on vision, and their interaction with optical systems as well as mechanisms of color vision and applications of color science.

Technical Groups
Applications of Visual Science (VA)

This group is interested in encoding and display of visual information, new technologies for visual displays, the understanding and treatment of diseases affecting the visual system, and ophthalmic optics.

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Clinical Vision Sciences (VS)

This group focuses on the investigation of vision function in disease and development. Interest include the development of new assessment techniques, the efficacy of treatment and prevention of vision function deficits, and the study of visual performance in aging, disease and development.

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Color (VC)

This group works on all aspects related to the physics, physiology, and psychology of color in biological and machine vision. Interests include, but are not limited to, color discrimination, color perception, color appearance, color imaging, as well as color in lighting and illumination engineering.

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Vision (VV)

The range of interest of this group includes optics of the eye and of ophthalmic lenses and devices, physiological optics, mechanisms of transduction, transmission, coding, detection, and analysis of visual information.

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