Accessories for Diffractive Optical Elements

Laser Components USA, Inc.

Holo/OR’s diffractive optical elements are mainly used for high-power laser beam shaping and splitting. The specifications provided are only valid for one optical assembly. In many cases, the use of these elements is economical, despite their limited variability; however, a better variability is demanded. LASER COMPONENTS now introduces two new accessory products to the market: Holo/OR‘s DOE TUNER and the BEAM EXPANDER.

The DOE TUNER is a variable beam expander with a zoom range between 0.8 and 1.2. If the DOE TUNER is placed before a diffractive TopHat element in the beam path, the smallest ideal spot can be finely adjusted; when placed before multi-spot elements, the spot size can be adapted – without affecting the distance between the spots.

When placing the TUNER behind the DOE and before a focusing lens, the spot size can be adjusted in beam shaping elements; in multi-spot elements, the spot size can be adjusted in combination with the distance between the spots. The BEAM EXPANDER is used similarly to the DOE TUNER. Instead of a zoom range, it has fixed zoom levels. The BEAM EXPANDER is available in two versions: five times or ten times the magnification. It was optimized for applications in combination with square TopHats and 2-D beam splitters. Both lens systems feature very small wavefront errors and are especially suited for high-power applications.

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